Pipe Organ Restoration and

A respectful approach to refurbishing pipe organs

Let us give your pipe organ project the care and attention it deserves

Write a new chapter for your instrument, using gifts from the past as the building blocks for the future

At Létourneau, we have specialized in the art of pipe organ repair and rebuilding for over 40 years. We are proud to have accompanied hundreds of organ committees, choirs, music directors, and organists through the refurbishment of their pipe organs in the service of music. Indeed, restorations and reconstructions of existing pipe organs make up a crucial part of Létourneau’s work.

" Opus 129 is as a showcase for our abilities in incorporating older materials within a new instrument. Its creation, from conception through construction through installation through final voicing, was a process we thoroughly enjoyed. The result is a rich musical instrument capable of great power and subtlety. "
- Fernand Létourneau, President Emeritus

A wind of renewal for your musical traditions

Restorations and reconstructions are an important part of Létourneau’s work, offering valuable opportunities to learn from previous generations of organ builders.

A comprehensive restoration of the sanctuary organ at the Basilica-Cathedral of Notre Dame in Québec City, Québec was completed by Létourneau in 2015. Casavant Frère’s Opus 1049 from 1924, the organ’s two-manual console was thoroughly rebuilt and two new stops were added to the Gr-Orgue division.

Létourneau likewise restored Aeolian-Skinner’s at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina in 2009. This organ, completed in 1955, remains an excellent and unaltered G. Donald Harrison’s signature.

Other restoration projects in recent years include the 1968 Andover organ at Lawrenceville School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey and the 1955 M.P. Möller instrument at Frederick Presbyterian Church of Frederick, Maryland.

Within Québec, the pipe organs at Église St-Roch in St-Roch-de-Richelieu, the Anglican Parish of St. Andrew and St. Mark’s in Dorval, and St. James United Church in Montréal have all been thoroughly restored by Létourneau.

A few of our recent projects

All Létourneau pipe organs are created as integrated musical entities that combine rich, balanced colours with responsive key actions to inspire virtuosic playing. Discover a few of our instruments here.

Opus 135

First United Methodist Church
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