Crafting sound ideas since 1979

Creativity combined with a deep respect for tradition 

Pipe organ builders in the service of music

Létourneau Pipe Organs has grown to become an international leader in pipe organ design, construction, restoration, and tonal finishing. All Létourneau pipe organs are created as musical entities that are rich balanced with responsive key actions to inspire virtuosic playing.

More than 140 pipe organs crafted for clients around the world

Létourneau pipe organs are proudly built in Québec. A team of craftspeople build the  instruments from the finest raw materials within our customized workshops in Saint-Hyacinthe. Our workshops house the company’s administrative offices, a design studio, woodworking and pipe-making shops, and three voicing stations. Importantly, our shop also offers the necessary space to setup and test every pipe organ prior to dismantling and transportation to its new home.

Reconstructions and restorations
Whether a respectful refurbishment or a bold rebuild, we can help!
New Pipe Organs
Majestic instruments for any setting.
Listen up!
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“ I recognized from the very beginning that Létourneau meant quality. Quality can mean a lot of things, but at the very core, everything we do, we do it beautifully and we want it the best it can be done.”
- Dr. Dudley Oakes, Owner of Létourneau Pipe Organs from 2019 to 2023

A skilled team specialized in the construction, restoration, and care of pipe organs

The Létourneau team is composed of more than 30 enthusiastic team members, including our administrators, designers, and skilled artisans. Having a large and energetic team permits us a remarkable degree of specialization in cabinetmaking, pipe making, and above all, voicing. Over three-quarters of our company’s staff have been with the company for more than two decades, representing a deep well of experience in every area of the organ building craft.

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“ I had a sound in my mind I hoped we could make into a reality ; Létourneau has given us that sound - and more. ”
- Jeff Binford, retired Organist at First Presbyterian Church Tuscaloosa, Alabama (United States)
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