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The Létourneau team is composed of more than 30 enthusiastic team members, including our administrators, designers, and skilled artisans. Over three-quarters of the company’s staff have been with the company for more than two decades, attesting to a deep well of experience in every area of the organ building craft. Having a large and energetic team permits us an enviable degree of specialization and concentration in cabinetmaking, pipe making and voicing.

As restorations and rebuildings represent an important part of our service, our pipe makers are invested in evaluating with regard the pipes' integrity and in identifying the best use of original materials while making significant mechanical and musical improvements. Létourneau's experienced pipe makers and voicers are renowned for their skills in transforming old pipe work to produce exquisitely beautiful sonority. 

The Létourneau Team

Meet some of the people that make our team so special.

Dr. Dudley Oakes (1957-2023)

Dr. Dudley Oakes (1957-2023)


Andrew Forrest, Vice President and Artistic Director at Létourneau Organs

Andrew Forrest

President and Artistic Director

Georges Trépanier, General Manager and Financial Director at Létourneau Organs

Georges Trépanier

General Manager and Financial Director

François Carrier, Technical Designer at Létourneau Organs

François Carrier

Director of Production and Senior Designer

Claude Demers, Artistic Designer at Létourneau Organs

Claude Demers

Artistic Designer

Fernand Létourneau, President Emeritus of Létourneau Organs

Fernand Létourneau

President Emeritus

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