Létourneau's Expertise

Discover our creation process, translating ideas into sound

Our unique expertise at the service of music

Létourneau Organs has one of the best-equipped workshops in the world for building pipe organs. Attention to details and uniformly high quality characterize all aspects of our operations; building the great majority of every organ’s components in our shops allows us to make lasting improvements on the spot.

High standards to surpasses your expectations

No organ builder can be an expert in every aspect of our industry. Over the years, we have learned to select the components which we determined could be produced more efficiently and to our standards by specialized manufacturers.

Here are some of the key reasons why our clients appreciate working with us :

〜 Quality materials perfectly adapted to your project's needs

Our company builds all our pipes within our workshop in both wood and metal alloys, ranging in length from over 32’ long to the length of a pencil. Our ability to customize each rank to every situation and the superb artistry of our pipe makers  results in superior sounds.

〜A multidisciplinary team in which every craftsman is specialized in art

Our team of 30 organ enthusiasts is made up of dedicated managers, versatile directors and innovative designers. Moreover, to ensure the quality of every component we use, experts in every department oversee  metal making, assembly and installation, wood finishing, wind chests, consoles, cabinetry, electricity and electronics, flue voicing, and reed voicing.

〜Collective quality control

We create pipe organs from raw materials, and all the chests, pipes and casework are manufactured on our
premises. Metal pipes are made by melting tin and lead ingots in specific ratios ; the metal is then poured onto a
long, flat table to create the metal sheets which will later be formed into pipes.

In the words of a visitor to our workshop, a metal pipe must go through seven processes accomplished by different craftsmen before it is completed and accepted by the head voicer. Pipes will sometimes never make it through the gauntlet; if the craftsmen detect a flaw, any one of them can reject the pipe and have it melted down... Ultimately, this works to the advantage of our customers since the final product meets exceptionally high standards. Similar processes are followed for the wood pipes, chests, and casework.

A few of our recent projects

All Létourneau pipe organs are created as integrated musical entities that combine rich, balanced colours with responsive key actions to inspire virtuosic playing. Discover a few of our instruments here.

Opus 135

First United Methodist Church
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