Our workshops

Where the magic happens...

One of the best-equipped shops for building pipe organs worldwide

A four-level, 16000-square-foot facility in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, our workshop is where our instruments come together under the hands of our skilled craftspeople. To date, the company has built over 140 new instruments ranging 2 to 144 ranks.

From the outset, Létourneau has endeavoured to build the majority of its pipe organs in-house to ensure a consistently superior level of quality. Our instruments are almost entirely built from raw materials in Saint-Hyacinthe and our workshops house the company’s administrative offices, woodworking shops,  wind chest department and pipe-making shops, three voicing stations, and a design studio.

Our workshops also offer the necessary space to erect and test every pipe organ before dismantling and transportation to its new home.

The Létourneau workshop in the summer

Our craftspeople at work

Building a console
A pipe maker at work
Flue pipes voicing
Preparing an electromagnet
The paint shop

Designing and building through traditions

Fernand Létourneau originally had planned to design and build a customized workshop in Ste-Rosalie. Upon hearing about a redundant water treatment facility in Saint-Hyacinthe, Mr. Létourneau made an offer to purchase it, which was subsequently accepted by the City of St-Hyacinthe.

The sale of the property located at 16355 avenue Savoie to Orgues Létourneau was finalized in 1983 and work began almost immediately to orient the multi-level building towards constructing pipe organs.

The first instrument built on avenue Savoie was the company’s Opus 6, a practice instrument for a private residence (and which is now located at the University of Toronto). Since then, the workshop has undergone several adaptations to facilitate the process of building organs, including the addition of an erecting room measuring 35’ tall from floor to ceiling.

The Létourneau workshop in the 1980s
The Létourneau team with Opus 43 in 1995
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