Relocating pipe organs

Experts in dismantling, packing, transporting, and reinstalling pipe organs for over 40 years

Find peace of mind with Létourneau's expertise for a smooth  relocation!

The continuation of music wherever you need it

Whether you are looking to purchase an existing pipe organ or to move your present instrument to a new environment, let us lead the way. Expert in moving pipe organs across North America, our team will assist you orchestrating your instrument's local, national, or international move.

" It has been gratifying to hear many people remark over the past few months that the organ [Opus 127] looks like it was designed along with the building — that it “looks like it has always been there.”
- Tinsley E. Silcox, St. Mark's School of Texas, Dallas, Texas.

Your heritage, new purposes

Relocating pipe organ will sometimes demand modifications to the organ's new location or to the instrument itself. The nature of any modifications will necessarily be different from place to place, depending on the type of the changes required.

We are ready to help you with :

Guidance for any preparatory work required to organ areas, prior to the installation

This might include any reconfiguration of any organ areas, potentially extending to steel framing as may be required for structural reasons. We can also clarify a pipe organ’s electrical needs, including specifying appropriate electrical connections to the blower and power supplies, as well as detailing the instrument’s internal service lighting.

Likewise, we can provide written specifications and requirements for appropriately sized wind lines in instances where the organ blower is remote from the pipe organ itself. When it comes time to install the instrument in its new home, our experts will also specify the scaffolding and hoisting apparatuses that may be required for a clean and efficient installation, as well as explain any other details unique to your situation.

Any work required to adapt the instrument to its new home

In some cases, modifications to an instrument are needed to adapt it to its new setting. These alterations, minor or major, can be mechanical in nature, such as rerouting a portion of an organ’s wind system, or cosmetic, such as providing new casework or altering the instrument’s façade to better harmonize visually with its surroundings. Lastly, the organ may need restorative repairs to operate reliably its new home.

Similarly, any pipe organ will benefit from tonal regulation or revoicing after a relocation. This is a process in which our voicers fine-tune the organ’s sounds to fit the surrounding acoustic. Lastly, the organ may also need restorative repairs to operate reliably its new home.

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A few of our recent projects

All Létourneau pipe organs are created as integrated musical entities that combine rich, balanced colours with responsive key actions to inspire virtuosic playing. Discover a few of our instruments here.

Opus 135

First United Methodist Church
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