Pipe Makers

Take part in every step of building organ pipes measuring from over 20' to mere inches in length.

Full time

Become an organ builder at Orgues Létourneau!

Established since 1979, Orgues Létourneau specializes in the design and manufacture of pipe organs. The company is looking for new talents to join its team.

There are many opportunities for learning and advancement. Our company is growing, and our order book is full for several years. The company offers a competitive salary, a DPSP (pension fund) and group insurance.

Your role

Pipe makers will perform tasks related to the fabrication of organ pipes. The work will be in the workshop 40 hours per week over 4.5 days with good advancement opportunities. The skills required are good manual dexterity, a willingness to work as part of a team and good physical condition to handle organ parts.

About the team

The Létourneau team is composed of 30 enthusiastic team members, including our administrators, designers, and skilled artisans in the fields of metalwork, cabinetry, electronics, pipe harmonization, etc. Regardless of their position, all members of our team have an important role to play in the construction and restoration of pipe organs.

Be a part of our mission to combine art and science to create distinctive and elegant pipe organs with visionary character.

Apply now and join our experienced team in the service of music!

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